Activities and tours

Although the Myeik archipelago was officially opened to tourism in 1997, its islands remain largely unexplored. The following activities – some of which are being developed in partnership with the local community – are recommended to help visitors better appreciate the natural and cultural resources of the park.

Canoeing in the mangroves

Lampi Island has two perennial rivers, both located on the western side of the main island – the so-called “crocodile” and “tourist” rivers. Here is where the best-conserved mangrove forests are to be found, home to a rich variety of birds, reptiles and marine life. With canoes, tourists can explore the mangrove creeks and quietly observe the wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Hiking in the jungle

There are not yet official jungle trails in the forest, but you can follow the park rangers or locals into lush vegetation. Climb to the top of Lampi Island’s hills to enjoy a beautiful vista of rainforest meeting white sand beaches and the sea. Wildlife including birds, small mammals and reptiles can be spotted on the tracks.

Diving with the Moken

Lampi is a place where you can have the unique experience of fishing with the sea gypsies. In fact, the Moken are considered hunter-gatherers rather than fishers – they don’t use nets. The men use spears to hunt big fish spotted from the bow of their boats, while women dive to the bottom of the sea to collect sea urchins with their bare hands.

Snorkelling and diving

There are several areas within the park where you can enjoy snorkelling and admire hard corals, a variety of coral fish, and, if you are lucky, spot sea turtles, rays and even sharks. Diving mainly occurs outside of the marine national park, with licensed agencies that offer liveaboard opportunities.

Observation of sea-turtles

There are several sea turtle nesting sites around Lampi. From January to March it is possible to observe the tracks of egg-laying sea turtles, while during the night you can spot baby turtles hatching from their eggs and escaping to the sea.

Visits to the local villages

Makyone Galet and Nyaung Wee are traditional Moken villages. Here you can walk along the sandy beach among houses on stilts, visit the monastery, and enjoy a fresh coconut water or traditional tea while chatting with the locals and glimpsing life in Lampi.

Boat trip

You can board a traditional long-tailed boat and let the locals take you the best spots in Lampi Marine National Park.


Lampi is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Over 230 species of birds are present. Colonies of Plain-pouched hornbills roost on Ko Phawt island, and hundreds of them can be seen at sunset and sunrise.




Liveaboard cruises in the Myeik Archipelago and Lampi Marine National Park are currently the only way tourists can visit the area.

Here is a list of licensed tour operators: