Lampi marine national park

Lampi Marine National Park is the only marine national park in Myanmar. It protects a rich biodiversity of over 1000 species of animals, plants and marine life. The park includes many globally-protected species, including the plain-pouched hornbill, Wallace’s hawk eagle, loggerhead and green sea turtles, the sunda pangolin and the dugong.


Lampi Marine National Park was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. It protects evergreen and mangrove forests, beaches and dunes, coral reefs, sea grasses and a rich biodiversity of over 1000 recorded species. more…


Although the archipelago was officially opened to tourism in 1997, the islands remain largely unexplored. Licensed liveaboard cruises are currently the only way tourists can visit the area. Here is a list of licensed agencies. more…


Istituto Oikos has been working in Lampi Marine National Park since 2009 to study and help protect biodiversity, and improve the livelihoods of local people. These are the main programs. more…


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