I love lampi

Investing in the environment means investing in the future!

With your contribution, Istituto Oikos will empower the local community to protect the unique ecosystems of the Park.

Your donation will support the following actions:

Environmental education

Seminars and social campaigns for children and adults to raise awareness of the role of the park – its resources and threats – and promote responsible behaviors to encourage community participation in conservation activities.

Biodiversity conservation

On-going environmental surveys involving domestic and international universities, park staff and community members to document and monitor the conditions of the Park’s flora and fauna, and identify conservation actions.

Patrolling and law enforcement

Empowering and promoting cooperation among park staff, local authorities and community members to address and respond to illegal harvesting of the Park’s unique natural resources, including dynamite fishing, hunting and illegal logging.

Community based tourism

Delivering trainings on ecotourism, hospitality, tour guiding and English language to community members to equip them with the skills to deliver quality tourism products & services. This will provide alternative incomes for local people and reduce their dependency on the Park’s natural resources.

Handicraft production

Involve local community in the production of a growing range of handicrafts from recycled waste, providing training in product design, marketing and financial management.

Waste and water management

Introducing innovative solutions and promoting community participation in waste, sanitation and water management, which for years have posed a growing threat to the Park’s ecosystems.